Mystery of Tongues 2: Multidimensionality

From the last blog, a reader asked me whether indeed the enemy doesn’t understand tongues seeing that in Acts 2, when the gift first made an appearance, men understood it. But they didn’t understand it. They rather were confused. The Bible says; “And when this sound occurred, the multitude came together, and were confused, because everyone heard them speak in his own language.” (verse 6)

Here’s where the confusion comes from: How can it be that the followers of Christ said a word, and that SAME word could be HEARD in countless languages! One said ‘girl’ in Jewish, and everyone could hear the same thing in their own language!

That’s multidimensional!

How can I speak a word in Luganda and yet in your ears you hear it in your language, and so will everyone else listening to me!

I as well I’m confused!

Notice there was no interpreter to translate the word from ‘Luganda’ to the different languages… There was a power that translated that same word automatically in everyone’s ear, and that awe caused men to repent.

The bottom line is; the men didn’t understand the tongues. The utterance availed to the followers came with a grace for each man to hear their own language!

Verse 4 says, “and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.”

Utterance means ‘a manner of speaking’, or ‘the ability to speak’. Thus the Spirit gave them a manner of speaking (or the ability to speak) A SOUND — we are not sure whether was in Jewish — that reached the ears of everyone in the language of that person!

I haven’t seen a language that has its own will! This means it can change to mean whatever it wants to mean in the ears of the recipient and yet carry the same purpose or message from God.

This makes it hard for the language to be decoded by the enemy; for the language could originally have been Hebrew, then it suddenly changed to Greek, and as the enemy tries to decode it, it metamorphoses into Aramaic. It then becomes annoying, that it just has to be left alone.

I’ve heard of testimonies where some one is praying in tongues, and a Chinese hears an instruction in mandarin. This means therefore, that the utterances are different. They are not constant. One time we might receive utterances that can be heard in an earthly language. Other times the utterance will be in only a language that God understands. Another time, the utterance will be a prayer about the perfect will of your life (Rom 8:27 … which means we are not just praying for things we want, but activating things we NEED). Another time, the utterance will be a language carrying the mysteries of Heaven — revelations no eye has seen nor ear heard, from God’s very mind, into the physical plane. Another time the Spirit is interceding for us (Rom 8:26). Another time, we are uttering a sound edifying (instructing morally) ourselves (1 Cor 14:4)

You see, the problem of plain language is that the enemy can corrupt it after understanding it. I’ll give a normal example. A pastor once prayed to get a Benz. He was specific about it. Now, out of the blue, he was gifted a totally different model of a car. It was second hand if I recall. And he’d have settled for it, yet it wasn’t his core choice. My interpretation is this: the enemy could have heard him ask for the Benz, and so found a way of getting the cheaper model to him. After all he can masquerade himself a s an angel of light… The pastor persisted howbeit, until he got the Benz he wanted.

God loves us to the detail, and I believe He gives us according to the desires of our hearts. I am thinking the enemy can make us settle for less by giving us cheaper models making us think that that was God’s choice. Think about Jacob and Rachel. Rachel was his first choice, but he received Leah as first wife. If Rachel was ignored, if Jacob didn’t insist on working hard for her, Joseph would not have been born. If Joseph wasn’t born, then Jacob and all his sons and grand children would have died of hunger because of the famine that was coming in a few year’s time!

One of the ways God has decided to deal with this corruption is by giving us this multidimensional language. So that the devil can’t understand what we are saying. That means he won’t have a chance to give us silver when we asked for gold. We won’t fall for the other sister or brother except the one meant for us. We won’t get green instead of the yellow which is just around the corner.

You see, Daniel’s answer was delayed 21 days because — I think — the enemy could have understood what he had prayed for, and so he dispatched the prince of Persia, a principality that fought to delay the answer to the prayer.

But none of that can happen if the language of the prayer is changing every second; changing into a language both known and unknown. As soon as he tries to figure it out — which he has never — the answer is already with the person who made the prayer.

A person who speaks in tongues speaks a thousand languages at the same time. Just like the utterance is multidimensional, so becomes the tongue of the person who speaks the tongues. Literally, every one who can — be it a spiritual babe — they are on a far higher level than Daniel.

Now Daniel prayed, but not in tongues. If he was indeed wiser than all astrologers and magicians and sorcerers and fortunetellers and soothsayers and he interpreted enigmas and dogmas and dreams for kings … how much more you, who prays in a multidimensional language? For this gift of the Spirit came after Jesus!

If Daniel and Ezekiel had the deepest of revelations and visions, concerning nations and the end of time, and yet they spoke not in tongues … How much more you — who speaks in tongues!


1 Corinthians 14:5a I wish you all spoke with tongues…

Mystery of Tongues

This is a revelation God shared with me, an idea of how tongues operate…

The enemy has been around thousands of years and so he must have studied & seen civilizations come and go, or flourish and collapse. He witnessed the tower of Babel, and I think started his journey of becoming a linguist.

From that point in time, languages didn’t stop emerging. We’ve had Arabs and East African coastals come up with Swahili in the past 250 years. Even then, I believe he was there, to learn.

But this is the mystery of tongues: On top of them not being understood at all by the enemy as I’ve spoken elsewhere, there is a coding that could help us understand how tiresome and dangerous they are to him.

Tongues change per minute and second, and each word seems to be in a very different language from the other. If one is a linguistic, like the enemy, it’ll still take a lot of time to decode and by the time a hidden message is deciphered, it’d be too late.

Let me give an example; C’est una hermosa omuwala qui vivit ninu Rwanda.

The statement says ‘this is a beautiful girl who stays in Rwanda,’ but, it starts in French, speeds to Spanish, takes a detour to Luganda, zooms to Latin, skates to Yoruba and lands in Rwanda. Because the internet is available, one can figure this all out in a minute. But imagine the times of Paul, before Luganda was a language.

If you said that statement in tongues, the devil would not decipher that ‘omuwala’ is a girl. It’s one thing for the devil to be linguistic, but it’s another challenge if the man made little lower than an angel speaks a language that has not come to the knowledge of the earth, which an angel seems to be in a position to know, and yet this fallen one does not.

This is mainly because the Spirit of God Himself dwells in a man to enable him speak even things not yet known to the earthly realm which won’t be known until a specific time in the future.

But this Spirit knows all things which are to come. And the enemy doesn’t have Him, thus the knowledge gap! What if those who pray in tongues are praying in a language that hasn’t been invented yet. If we were living in the 1200s, trust me some languages hadn’t come to be. If we prayed in tongues, that would have been a big question for the enemy even if he knew many languages.

This later reveals that he might not be as dangerous as we’ve always thought he is. The many ‘future language gaps’, will lead to difficulty in all his interception attempts. This keeps the speaker of this language ahead. For even if the speaker doesn’t know every word he or she is saying, the conversation continues in heaven, as the Spirit declares things and intercedes for the speaker in forms the enemy wouldn’t ever understand, and in so doing, like when nations are fighting, he can’t decode what his ‘antagonist’ is saying. And before he knows it, a missile has landed in his territory.

It’s more like the world war. If Germen needed to know what the French were plotting, they needed to understand what the French were saying. If not, they’d then just continue misfiring during the war. I’m sure either side had a linguist to help decode the secret messages…

If the devil tries to record a piece of a prayer in tongues, he has a lot of homework to find out what each individual word means. If the prayer was 5000 words, he has to run through 5000 languages, including hieroglyphs to be able to bring the puzzle together.

By the time he’d have got a means of action to derail the prayer result, it’d be too late for him. He wasn’t late for Daniel though. He delayed him for 21 days, possibly because Daniel prayed in one language that the enemy could have known. In so doing, the prince of Persia he sent to delay the return fax … which can’t be the case for anyone praying with tongues.

Even if the devil intercepted it in today’s era where we don’t need to wait through an atmosphere of principalities (since we are seated in heavenly places with Him), it’d be a small sheet of gibberish. Even if he tried to decode it, God in His infinite wisdom can decide that every word changes to a different language of that same word and yet still preserve that same message.

For example; my earlier statement could change to: Eyi ni manēāharaṁ κοπέλα abeera mein Rwanda.

This still says ‘This is a beautiful girl who stays in Rwanda’, but it began in Yoruba, went to Malay, tipped off into Greek, came to Luganda, traveled to Hindi and ended up back in Rwanda.

God can as well choose to give in that time, a language that only He understands, leaving the enemy very grumpy and irritated such that he has nothing to do but leave!

I pray this sharing has broadened your eyesight to yearn for this gift, and dump every other conspiracy that has been raised against it, enabling you to embrace its complexity and algorithm, to enable you have a much better prayer life that can’t be decrypted by the enemy.

Mark 16:17 And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues;

Pretty Woman

I watched this 1990 movie some Saturdays ago. Someone once said I was born in the wrong time.

“You know much more about the 80’s and 90’s than the people who were born even before then.” She said.

I rather count myself just a curious soul — always wondering what went on before I was born…

Now this movie (Pretty Woman) was about a prostitute named Vivian, who was wise in many other things, but life forced her to take the path she was on.

She encountered a rich entrepreneur called Edward, who was a billionaire. She discovered this in bits as the movie continued to unravel. He was willing to pay any amount she wished for any service; starting from giving him directions, escorting him and driving him back to the hotel he had lost directions of.

At the bourgeois hotel, he asked her for services. She quoted an hourly rate. Later on he desired to have her all night. He asked for the damage. She randomly shouted 300 dollars (which was huge back then). He said “Done!”

The following day, Edward’s lawyer mentioned a deal that could get them richer. He recommended he goes with a girl to impress the sellers. He asked to hire Vivian for a week. She asked for 3000 dollars! He didn’t complain. On top of that, he hosted her in a pent house (the most luxurious and expensive room of the hotel), gave her money to go shopping in all the fanciest boutiques, and so much more.

In the long run, they each fell in love. Vivian recounts her childhood imagination. Where she’d see herself locked in a tower and a Prince rescues her. Edward had only suggested to see her again, after all the services, but she wanted more! He had made her to see that she was worth much more than a hooker. She had gained the money so that she’d go back to college. And as she packed while in her ghetto apartment, Edward came to confess his love permanently confirming that he’d take her for wife.

Edward’s lawyer however had been told she was a prostitute, and so he once forced himself on her but Edward came in the nick of time. And as the scene played on in my head, God entered my thoughts, and mentioned how we all are like Vivian: prostitutes who toil away just to get by, but He finds us, and takes a chance on us.

He takes us into hotels so expensive we’d never afford, raises us from the miry clay and sits us among royalty. He invests so much in us that our hidden beauty surfaces, making people doubt if we were actually prostitutes. He then marries us into an eternal inheritance where we won’t need to sell our bodies anymore to make ends meet.

He is the Prince who’ll pay anything we ask. I mean anything. Where Vivian thought she was asking overboard, it was mere pocket change to Edward. Jesus (God) will invest in us, like Edward did to Vivian. She soon looked like the queen of England escalating from grass to grace. From clay to ‘hey’.

She was pretty indeed behind that wig that she wore to attract customers… All to say that she was indeed a jewel, whose sparkle only gleamed brighter when a man made up his mind to spare not, as long as it concerned her!

And Jesus spared not either! He even died for us. If He was Edward, he’d have taken a bullet for Vivian.

Edward’s lawyer on the other hand is the devil. He shames us and sees us worthless even when we have a little bit of worth that we see in ourselves just like Vivian saw in herself an ounce of being able to go back to school. He then uses that against us, and yet someone else had made us feel good (not just about the desperate things we do to be) but about who we are naturally.

It’s quite humbling. Especially if you imagine yourself as a prostitute who gets to be picked off the streets, and made to sit on a throne. Now that’s a love too good to be true. A love all of us deeply desire, for one: we all want the best for ourselves and two: hearts, all hearts, are such a fragile thing. A God who knows you’re a hooker (sinner) and yet decides to overlook it and fall in love with you — a God who asks you “will you marry me?” and yet He’s very holy — is just a range, and an ocean of emotions!

At that point, God reminded me that this was an actual story in the book of Hosea, which shadows Him as a holy man who marries a prostitute. Now this prostitute kept on going back into the business, but he each time went and ‘bought’ her back into their matrimony, until one day, she discovered her value—how much she’s loved, and renounced this prostitution…

But all this can only make sense if you watch Pretty Woman with this mentality. And you too, will see God as Edward, and Vivian as you.

The Antidote to Remorse

We’ve all been there: in exam halls, at wedding receptions, and several other events that can’t be mentioned and wondered why we didn’t read that topic, or why a specific thing went wrong!

Years ago, God taught me a secret to nullifying remorse (commonly known as regret). This was during high school when every time the results came back, I was never happy especially after comparing mine to others’.

Comparison is one thief of joy, but you having not put in the work is a whole other sad story. “DO WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO,” God said, “and when it’s all said and done, the room for remorse will be omitted by the fact that you’d given your best.”

Allow me to elucidate.

On Saturday the 15th October, we finally launched Sam’s book. Sam had published a book, but we hadn’t officially released it to the world as it needed more editing, and Sam lost his life as well. We had postponed the event from as far as late last year, and I had done my BEST with providing content that was constantly put out on social media platforms to create awareness for the launch.

Daily I did this, sharing in relevant WhatsApp groups so that the information could be relayed. Many of course promised to show up. And I was so hopeful. The day came and the hour dawned, and still I wasn’t seeing the many faces that had promised.

On the other hand, I found it odd that many who were to be there, communicated their absence. Some were sick. Others were away, and even she who’d have been our guest of honor had to go grieve with one of her mentees who’d just lost a father the day before. Now when I assess these, I only think that the enemy was up to think. The Tempest is a book that’s going to cause havoc to him, and so he did all he could to dampen the day.

Regardless, I had no remorse when others who didn’t communicate didn’t show up. I had done what I was supposed to do. By faith, we’d even added more chairs to the venue with my hope that it’d be filled to capacity. I had no remorse when some seats stared back at me as I emceed the event.

I did what I was supposed to.

And slowly, when the careless whispers of the enemy sought residence in my mind, telling me of how there were not as many people as I expected, I simply ricocheted, “I did what I was meant to.” Meaning I didn’t carry the blame for those that didn’t turn up. I kept my joy and the day went on wonderfully.

It was a shed that we were in, and a storm like this place had never seen shook the place taking off the power as well. Still, the we-had-done-what-we-were-supposed-to-do attitude kept us going, and in the end, we can say we had a great event.

I therefore advise you, to always put in the work, to do what you’re supposed to do to the best of your ability, and you’ll have no room for regret. If it’s an exam, read adequately. If it’s an interview, prepare seriously.

In the Bible, one of the stories of remorse we see is that of David who at a point tee didn’t do what he was supposed to do. He was on a roof top when he was supposed to be on the battlefield. He ended up seeing a woman naked. He slept with her. She got pregnant. He had to cover it up. He killed her husband indirectly so that he’d never find out.

He took her in. She settled in. But lost the child! David wept. O he wept. And amidst all that, he regretted why he didn’t avoid all of it from the go. Of course God carried him through, but the consequences of his decisions (which provoke the regret) never vanished into thin air…

Once, God prompted me to wake up early and start a long journey in order to be sang for as it is custom to celebrate whoever was born within the ended week at church. I dormantly took my time, travelled late, missed the session that comes annually, and then regretted!

But if only I’d done what God asked me to do, I’d have prevented the remorse; for the antidote to it, we all, already have.

Dear Christian … Be Humble!

Last year, I came across an advert by a coding company. They were in need of a blogger. I went on ahead to apply for it, since you’ve seen how I’m not that bad at it. Stupidly (indeed very stupidly), at the part where the questionnaire/application asked for my cover letter, I replied — not with a formal document — saying,

“I am what you need!”

Now, now, the fact that I have authored a 260-paged-book was causing me to boast. I knew the proprietor of the company, and so, I went to his inbox and asked what had happened, as after some weeks, I hadn’t received feedback! He was told what I did! It must have been utter disrespect to the human resource team, now that I think about it. I tried to pull strings since I knew the man, but all was in vain.

You see, knowing the person who owns the company, and how good I was at my prowess made me think I’d trespass, and not use the system put in place for application! I thought I was above the system. And that’s where we Christians go wrong. Or anyone who has a ‘Gamba N’ogu’.

This doesn’t go for the Christians alone, but the entire world at large. Big companies put out adverts for jobs and we are too lazy to do what needs to be done. Maybe it’s this generation’s flaw! Yes we’ve been labelled the era that wants things so easy, such that even the ‘so easy’ things have become so hard!

Being very good at what you do doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fit in the systems as per their guidelines. You have to condense your big head and mighty portfolio in order to acquire that position. I see now that if I went for a job with the proud I-am-what-you-need mindset, I’d have found it hard to tame my attitude during the work execution. It’s after the Lord disclosed it, that I got myself in line.


Today I was late for an appointment. I kept saying, “There’s grace. I am favored.”

But it’s all a little mould in bread. A little corruption that might doom me or you in the end. This is after I had agreed with a client that I’d meet them at 10am. Even after I knew what time I was supposed to be exiting to start my journey, I RELAXED … saying the favor of the Lord will cover up for my lateness…

“After all, they do not have anyone else but me for the job.” I uttered absentmindedly.

The Spirit however convicted me deep down not to make this talk a habit; Not to exchange principles for comfort; Not to swap spirituality for laziness or indiscipline; And to remain humble.

A fellow was asked to repeat an assignment with his group. He was grouped with ‘staunch’ Christians, but none had done the work. On the day of submission of corrections, no one had a genuine reason as to why they had nothing. And then, that colleague mentioned that it was useless claiming how spiritual they were if they could not produce work on time, calling upon Jesus to provide pardon for their laziness by speaking in tongues claiming it’d be well.

“They had a whole week to make these changes Biggie.” He recoiled in utter disappointment.

The problem here was that these chaps weren’t humble enough to accept the grace of extension that had been added to their project by the lecturer, and instead thought they were above the system. They’d do whatever they wilt — abusing the grace availed.

In other instances, let’s also remember that God’s grace may not be the same grace that a random employer bears. A person might get fired for example, and all yet, it’d been their attitude in the first place. I’m not saying people can’t underlook your ability sometimes, but it’d be that this particular person doesn’t take criticism nicely. They’d brush it off saying, “Christ perfected all that concerns me. There’s nothing wrong with me.”

In the long run, there’d be no growth for the individual in regards to character, or in things concerning that organization. Maybe they are being asked to repeat a report as per the company’s catalogue. And they just lack the humility to learn…

I mean … I lost a job because I was proud, and even after that, I told myself, “God will provide another.”

Indeed, He does — and He did — but He won’t let us repeat the same mistakes when He brings grander opportunities.

I once prayed that jobs would look for me and find me. They surely have, but I haven’t been responding to them appropriately. After that lesson, God gave me a second chance. UNICEF put out an ad searching for editors and writers. Once they asked for a cover letter, I had to do a lot of research as if I was doing a thesis about it, and as soon as I was done, I submitted my application a week ago.

Had I not learnt humility, I’d have botched this as well.


In the church, many ladies cry that they are running late in regards to their time of marriage. These are the same girls who think they are too good for every young man who approaches them! Soon, those very same men marry other girls, leaving the proud ladies hanging, and they wonder what’s wrong with them!

Dear christian girl, be humble. Yes he may not be your God-ordained man, but treat him with good speech as well, like he was your brother as opposed to insulting his status and inability to ‘afford’ you.

To sympathize with all of us howbeit, many a times, being humble can be difficult. Very difficult. But that’s if you haven’t known the secret of the Spirit. You see He bears fruit in us if we abide in Him. Part of the fruit that will come up effortlessly will be humility. It’ll come with lots of ease, just like it convicted me as I misbehaved those few times. That’s why a christian is more at an advantage to exude humility than a person who doesn’t know God.

So … don’t ask God for humility. You already bear an abundance of it. You just need to be more aware and mindful of it, continuing to cultivate it.

In the meantime, use the systems provided by organizations to submit, don’t think you’re guaranteed a win because of your relationship with a person in a high place, don’t make a habit of a one-time bail God helps you out with, be kind to those that approach you, be wise to receive and implement the correction from the past times God has rebuked you, or you can as well learn from mistakes as such as I have shared.


Galatians 5:22-23 But the fruit of the [Holy] Spirit [the work which His presence within accomplishes] is love, joy (gladness), peace, patience (an even temper, forbearance), kindness, goodness (benevolence), faithfulness, Gentleness (meekness, humility), self-control (self-restraint, continence). Against such things there is no law [that can bring a charge]. (AMP)

Bright Eyes

Growing up in Africa, having dusty roads and all that, I always envied people with very white eyes. I used to think they came from better places without dusty roads, or without no dust at all.

To me, having no spots in eyes was its own sign of beauty.

God always has His way of answering me, and so, I remember reading this one article about how much one’s eyes could brighten after drinking lots of water. A lady whose irises were previously very dark brown appeared to have sparkling brown after days of drinking a lot of water. But that wasn’t sustainable for me. I needed an easier way, and I think I found it.

In 1 Samuel 14:27, His word says, “But Jonathan heard not when his father charged the people with the oath: wherefore he put forth the end of the rod that [was] in his hand, and dipped it in an honeycomb, and put his hand to his mouth; and his eyes were enlightened.”

Jonathan’s eyes were enlightened, which means to supply with light, after he took the honey. The word also means to illuminate. Which means to ‘shed more light’, or to glow.

Jonathan had been in war, and other versions link his eyes’ shining with renewed vigor and strength, which enabled him to destroy more enemies, as opposed to his fellow soldiers who didn’t eat any honey.

Revelation 10:9 compares honey to a book: So I went to the angel and said to him, “Give me the little book.” And he said to me, “Take and eat it; and it will make your stomach bitter, but it will be as sweet as honey in your mouth.”

I think the book here was God’s word.

Deuteronomy 32:13 says “He made him ride on the heights of the land and fed him with the fruit of the fields. He nourished him with honey from the rock, and with oil from the flinty crag,”

With these, I deem that the honey Jonathan took represents God’s word. Amidst battle, take a pause, and take a lick of His word. Your eyes will be sharpened to see the enemy, to see that enemy in their true light — uncircumcised philistines without a covenant with the one true God!

You’ll receive strength and vigor to carry on! Moses spoke of honey from the rock. This rock was a symbol of Jesus, the rock of all ages. And we know that this same rock was the bread of life, the word that became flesh.

Psalms 81:16 tells of the opportunity the Israelites missed, “But you would be fed with the finest of wheat; with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.” But to you God gives a new opportunity; “I am the Lord your God, Who brought you up out of the land of Egypt.” He says. “Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.”

Like Jonathan, He invites you to open up and He’ll not only give you honey, but something even sweeter than honey! At first He compares it to something sweet you know, and after that, He shows you how that word exceeds the sweetness of that honey.

David was a man of the word as well, and if I return to the point of ‘bright eyes’, and how this word causes them to illuminate, my theory is justified in 1 Samuel 16:12. This was when God sent Samuel to anoint a new king;

“So he sent and brought him in. Now he [was] ruddy, with bright eyes, and good-looking. And the LORD said, “Arise, anoint him; for this [is] the one!”

Now, all Jesse’s sons were handsome, but the scribe went out of the way to distinguish how bright David’s eyes were. It wasn’t about them being blue or green in the iris’ color. I believe this was a result of the much meditation of David as His eyes continuously beheld the word. He personally wrote the longest chapter in the Bible concerning the word!

I personally know a preacher whose eyes always stand out first anytime I see him in photos. Now that’s a sign that someone who has been continuously beholding as in a glass God’s word!

So do you want eyes without spots? Try reading His word continuously!

It’s funny though, that as I sought a remedy to look better, I found something else I wasn’t looking for. At the sight of David, Samuel knew he was the one to be anointed. It just occurred to me NOW, that bright eyes are a MARK for the anointed, or for the candidates of the anointing…

But the brightness of David’s eyes however came from the word, meaning, God’s word is the qualifier for anyone to receive the anointing — the anointing without measure, the anointing that distinguished one to be a king to reign … just like Jesus grew in stature and the word, and on that day, the Holy Spirit Himself descended to anoint Him before He set out to turn the world upside down.

Like Jonathan … take honey!😎

Psalms 19:9-10 The fear of the LORD is pure, enduring forever. The decrees of the LORD are firm, and all of them are righteous. They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold; they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the honeycomb.

Psalms 119:103 How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

Log in thine eye …

Bruxism is the excessive grinding of teeth common among children, according to research; and it has its several causes which include dehydration, stiffness of muscles, stress etc.

It had been long since I last shared a bedroom with my little brother, and I was constantly awakened by episodes of him grinding his teeth at night. I was maddened. Initially, being an African, I had been influenced by the superstitions that it was as a result of witchcraft.

Turns out it’s basic science!

In the morning, after I could not take it anymore, I approached him and told him of this bruxism of his. I superciliously scolded him, until he innocently looked back at me and said “but you also grind your teeth! You even begin quite early as soon as you fall asleep!”

“WHAT! YOU’RE LYING!” I recoiled.

“Even Ken knows it! You can ask him!”

Suddenly, I grew cold and timid. My anger left.

My cousin Ken confirmed the accusation. And even if I wasn’t happy about it, my entire outlook changed, especially now that I knew that I unconsciously did it. The nights that followed when I could hear my brother grind his teeth, I had to bear it. I looked on him with compassion and not anger,with grace and not judgement, knowing well that even he, when he’s awake, it’d be me interrupting his sound sleep.

This reminds me of that time when Jesus asked whoever had never sinned and yet accused the woman caught in adultery for being a sinner — to cast the first stone! Things change when we realize that the thing we condemn other people for doing is what we do involuntarily.

It’s that that shows us the log in our eyes as we seek to judge the speck in others’. For this case, my brother and I had the same ‘sin’. For many others we may not have the same sin, but it is all sin. Such teach us humility, and strangle pride out of us.

As we condemn others for staying up all night practising pornography, we forget to condemn ourselves for lusting on thousands of sexy looking women and half dressed lascivious men whose videos and images suffuse our Instagram feeds and reels. It could not be ‘bodies’ but clothes as well, or gadgets — lusting incessantly to own at least one of any.

We say Peter cowered at the overwhelming waves and began to sink, but we forget he was the only one mad enough to step out of that boat and walk those few steps on water. We preach about it, yet we haven’t attempted to do even what Jesus said we would, because, if you notice, the thing that made Peter walk on water wasn’t inclined toward his doing. The power lied in what Jesus said, which was ‘Come to me’.

Meaning if Jesus — He that wields all authority in the universe — said we could heal the sick and raise the dead, then indeed we can, for He’s dispensing those commands from the authority He hails from and is clothed with, which has no corner it can’t touch and no thing that can’t recognize its power!

That’s deviation aside, today’s article was mainly to portray how mercy works. We not only forgive others because we are unforgivable. We do because we too shall be in need of forgiveness at a tee. Mercy is provoked when we realize we have been in the same state, or might be. The problem is we think we haven’t been in the same state because we haven’t been in a specific situation before.

Having never committed murder doesn’t mean we have never committed sin. Having never committed adultery doesn’t mean we have never stolen something. See? Your attitude suddenly changes, having seen the log in your eye.

Life will always bring us someone to judge quickly, but authentic judgement emerges when we first judge ourselves, and then convey the same measure upon others. If we were in the crowd that day, and had never sinned, we’d have freely stoned that woman who was caught in adultery. But since none of us did, it shows that Jesus enabled us to carry out the authentic judgement — where which we first observed ourselves and then, seeing we didn’t deserve death, we deemed it wise that the woman neither did.

Jesus showed each one of us the logs in our eyes. Thus we wouldn’t judge the speck in her’s. But like He spoke that day, it takes Him to speak audibly in every Christian’s head for us to apply such wisdom. And when we extend this mercy, it’s what gives men second shots at life. It’s what makes men get blanketed by compassion. It’s this goodness that leads them to repentance. It’s this repayment of good to evil that piles of hot coals on men’s intellects and boggle their mindsets to ponder on holiness… when as we point out their specks, we begin with our logs, or show them ours first.

Matthew 7:1-5 “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. For you will be treated as you treat others. The standard you use in judging is the standard by which you will be judged. “And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own? How can you think of saying to your friend, ‘Let me help you get rid of that speck in your eye,’ when you can’t see past the log in your own eye? Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye.

Live From the Future

“Take it one day at a time” will not always be a firm statement. Once in a while, you’ll have to glance into your future, and the vision you’ll behold will never be unseen.

As I write this (on 21st October 2022), I’m thinking about a frightening leap I’m about to take. I’m to join an investment club whose vision is to ensure every member owns their plot of land. I convinced God that they buy plots that are far from town. He told me one day they’ll buy plots in town. I told Him it is expensive. He told “Live from the future!”

He alluded,

“You won’t be 20 forever. You won’t be under your parents’ house forever. You won’t be single forever, and this is not whether you’ll be the bride or groom. Where will you stay? ( for the case of you reading…)

If you’re renting you should not rent forever.

You’ll have children one day, you’ll have to make your parents grandparents. What world will you bring them into? A one bedroomed house? No! You yourself wouldn’t want that now would you!

The clock is only significant because of the next moment. 11 o’clock wouldn’t make sense if there was no midnight. Today wouldn’t make sense if there was no tomorrow or yesterday. Some people say “Life is too short.” Well, your short maybe 100 years. How will you look like at your 99th! You better be not forgotten in a dump somewhere!

Live from that future now!”

One day you’ll be a grandparent, and another you won’t. After death where will you go, will you have a mansion in the Heavenly city, or will you be begging Abraham and his descendants to cross a chasm and bring a drop of water for your tongue in a lake of furnace!

It’s moments like these, that cause me to tremble and return from vision, back to the present, and WORK!

For sometimes, we need motivation from the future, to be able to work today. I have told myself all year, that I’d release two books this year. I jump to December by calendar and I see that I’m not yet near achieving that. Quickly, I journey back to today, and do what I must, to have the books ready by then.

Live from the future!

The Uniform of Life

While on a boda the other day, God showed me students in uniform returning from school, and He brought to remembrance a very interesting theory.

In school — if you recall, depending on where you went — we all had to wear uniform. Be it you’re from a rich family or an average income one. Obviously we were never from the same equal backgrounds, but the school rules never cared about that!

All had to be in uniform.

It’s the casual wear afterwards that could portray everyone’s level, but the uniform during class hours put everyone on the same level. If you may, observe the image above. Can you tell which of those boys is richer than the other or smarter? Or comes from a dysfunctional family…? No!

All you can say is; they’re all in the same school, with an equal opportunity to attaining classic education.

“That’s what life is!” God said, “We complain about the economic situation. We think we are worse off than another, but there’s a uniform of life. And that is life! The mere fact that you are ALIVE, that is the uniform you wear with those you think are making it better in life! We are all breathing — both the broke and the rich.

That alone is opportunity for one to take advantage of being alive and rewrite their stories, and better their situation! But sadly, many lack this wisdom. They think they are wearing rags after class hours, and yet life has put every one in the same situation.

The ones that ought to worry are those that are dead! For in this context, they are those students who mayhaps can’t afford the school fees, and in this context, there’s no other school. Imagine there’s only one school in the whole wide world.

Just like the students in the picture can’t portray who is richer or who is coming from a terrible family background, so is ‘today’! ‘Today’ has given you the same opportunity as that idol you admire. It’s given you the same opportunity to work towards being rich like Elon Musk.

‘Today’ isn’t feeling pity for the underprivileged or the over privileged. What privilege is it if you can’t breathe Thus; the privilege is being alive! The privilege isn’t driving a fancy car. It isn’t going to the mall and eating a meal worth a thousand dollars or drinking a bottle of wine worth four hundred thousand pounds like the world has shown us. From such knowledge turn away!

Instead, use that brain of yours! Elon Musk has one! It’s not like he has three brains!

And maybe you are handicapped. Maybe you have no capital! Heck, maybe you are in a ‘fourth world country!’ None of that matters. If we are all alive, that means — like the school uniform — we ALL have the SAME EQUAL SHOT AT LIFE!

Let’s use it! Let’s dream big! Let’s also not just do that but work towards those dreams! Let’s be grateful! Let’s keep hope alive. Let’s accentuate the positive. Even if you’re facing scourging drought in Somalia, you being still alive is a flicker of hope that this can all still turn around! You’ll overcome.

Let’s not conform to the standard of ‘privilege’ that the world has given, but let’s transform ourselves and our outlook towards life, by renewing our minds, to see the equal opportunity we all share on the same face of the earth as seven billion people: which is being ALIVE.”

By the time God was done lecturing me, I’d reached my destination.

I do hope you’ve learnt A LOT from this!

The Purpose of Patience

So I have been studying this portion of scripture in Habakkuk, and I have only gained more appreciation for patience. It says:

Habakkuk 2:3 For the vision [is] yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry.

The verse prior tells us to write the vision on tablets, so that he that reads it may run (with it), or join you in its pursuit. And verse three here add an extra description of that vision.

Personally, I have so many visions from God. These are not basic dream-like visions, but goals for life as well. Perhaps you’ve written that one day you will be the biggest supplier of your product or service in the world. But the present doesn’t look anything close to that end. I deem that’s why the next verse says “…the just shall live by faith,” bearing the end in mind.

Allow me to point out the factors God wants us to notice. One: is that the vision is set for an appointed time. The word ‘appointed’ means ‘fixed’ thus, fixed time. I’m led to believe that the vision God gave you: the dream of music, that of marriage, to have child, it’s for a FIXED time, a time I believe God knows, a time He can tell you. Understanding this cuts the impatience. He told me the age at which I’d get married, and that’s why anyone who proposes the idea before that “fixed age” falls far off the grand picture.

Why does this understanding cut impatience and anxiety and fear. Well, firstly, because God is not a man that He should lie. Secondly, the theme scripture mentions the vision speaking in the end. That it’ll not lie. In the end it spoke — the vision that Sarah would have child — it didn’t lie.

Habakkuk continues to say, that though it might tarry, WAIT for IT. Because it’ll SURELY come. But then he says again that it will NOT tarry. Isn’t that contrary? The use of tarry twice? No!

Among others, ‘to tarry’ means two things: ‘to delay’ and ‘to be late’. If those meanings are inserted in this sentence, it’ll say, “though the vision may DELAY, it’ll surely come. It will NOT BE LATE.”

So what goes wrong for most of us? Our perishing comes from the lack of knowledge. The knowledge that to us the vision may SEEM like it’s delaying, but to God, to the universe and to the way your story was written, it is NOT.

I have always mentioned that because a child wants to drive a car doesn’t mean they are eligible to do it. They need to be 18 (here in Uganda), having passed their driving school. You might deserve marriage, but perhaps it’s still in the near future, like the driver, you need to excel first in the “marriage school” so that you are prepared adequately to avoid any mishaps. This is of course for those submitted to God, because they are the only ones I can speak for.

In all this, I see the purpose of patience as a fruit of the Holy Spirit. If one isn’t born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, the little patience that’s manufactured by their flesh will not be able to stand them long in the waiting. This is simply because the patience required for the manifestation of purpose, kairos, or a God-given dream, needs to be ETERNAL — whose fuel will stand the test of time, and every mockery that arises along the way.

This patience will speak to you to let you know that the vision might delay. It’d be on page 200 of the book that God wrote of your life, and yet you are still on page 100. This long suffering, as other versions call it, will keep you company as you wait the vision to manifest. It’ll not DELAY! It’s all in fact for your good.

How you ask?

Well, look at Joseph. He interpreted Pharaoh’s dream. The seven years of both abundance and famine were for an appointed time as we’ve just learnt. But, the first seven were to prepare them for the next seven. And I’m sure some people heard of the vision by the king, but brushed it off thinking the abundance would last forever.

If that’s a wrong example, I’d give David’s. He was anointed by Samuel to be king at about 17, but he never got to sit on the throne until 30! Those were 13 whole years of waiting. Did the vision lie that He’d be king—NO! Was it for an appointed time — YES! I’m quite sure David would have messed up more than he did … if he had ascended the throne at 17. It’s those 13 years that he learnt about royalty as he closely served the previous king.

Did the vision for David delay? Seemingly! I’m sure his brothers mocked him at some point, perhaps telling how it was never going to happen;

“Come on, ten years have passed — twelve in fact — but you’re still at home, nothing but only a harp player for the king! Maybe you’re anointed but to be the king’s musician.”

I know, that it’s only patience — the fruit of the Holy Spirit David bore after his being anointed — that carried him to understand, that as he played that harp … as he was mocked by family or friends, that the vision was for a SET time, that it’d speak in the end and not lie, that it would DELAY (for our chronological time) but that it’d NOT BE LATE, that everything was working together for his good!

May you embrace patience today, for whatever vision God’s given you. You’ll outwait it, and it will arrive ON TIME!

James 1:4 says, when we let this patience have its perfect work, we will be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. ‘Lacking nothing’ means if you know the appointed time of your marriage, and it’s still in the future, you’ll not feel like you’re missing out on sex. You won’t fall for the lie that you need a spouse to complete your joy or you. You’ll be WHOLE and complete.

However, if the appointed time for any vision has passed in your life, if you’re spiritual, you’ll feel that sense of lateness. For that I pray that if you’ve experienced this, God helps you to redeem that lost appointed time. And if it’s about to happen for those that haven’t, fix the quickening of its rectification through prayer and the word and faith.

This was the case for Sarah. Once God said she’d have child, she felt like the appointed time for her conceiving had passed (since she was already too old to cook anything in her oven). She had then to find faith to believe that God had removed the appointed earthly time for conceiving for her, or that He had moved the timeline of her conceiving from her past to her future — having broken the laws of nature! Only when she did this was when Isaac came.

I dare you to believe this can happen to you too!

May you be patient when that vision seems a long far off. I pray that your joy won’t wane! May it instead increase, for with each passing day means a day closer to that big day! Have a good expectation everyday, for the appointed time for that vision, will be ON TIME!

Habakkuk 2:3 (MSG) This vision-message is a witness pointing to what’s coming. It aches for the coming–it can hardly wait! And it doesn’t lie. If it seems slow in coming, wait. It’s on its way. It will come right on time.

1 Timothy 6:11 But you, O man of God, flee these things and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, PATIENCE, gentleness.

Seeds & Synergies 2 | Reaping Where We Sow

Aunt Prax (in the middle)

The first time my memory properly recalls encountering Aunt Praxedes face to face was in 2015. Uncle Martin had just completed his house in Kakumiro, their ancestral home. We all had to travel to join the party. Mom told us to go greet Aunt Prax Martin (Third left)and her husband Uncle Steven.

“Thank them for having stood financially where your father wasn’t these past six years.”

So, I led the throng of my little three siblings. The old couple was very excited to see us. After exchanging few pleasantries, Uncle whispered into Aunt’s ear — or was it the other way round — I don’t recall. But what proceeded afterwards was Uncle pulling out a bundle of red notes out his pocket.

Oh My God! I exclaimed as my eyes nearly popped out their sockets.

They handed me a hundred thousand shillings to split evenly among my siblings. We were very grateful. That action turned our day around.

I grew fond of Aunt Prax because of her big heart and generosity. I was greatly blessed by that gesture as I enjoyed my senior six vacation.

The other time I encountered Aunt Prax was in 2019. I was preparing to board my very first flight! The enthusiasm! O boy!

I was undertaking a mentorship program that required I and my colleagues to travel for a leadership conference to Kenya by PLANE. When we asked why we would not use buses, we were told we were going to be global leaders and we’d be invited to countries like Spain which can only be reached by plane and not bus! Failure to travel by plane meant disqualification from the program.

I had to dig through my contacts. I was willing to invest in myself as much. That’s when Aunt Prax came to mind. I didn’t want to beg. I proposed to make her a family art piece of lettering so that in return, all profit could go towards purchasing my airplane ticket. She told me to go to Doctor’s Plaza, her workplace where she was a paediatrician. I sold the idea. I’d carried an art piece to show her how it’d look like.

She said she had no where to hang such a large masterpiece bearing the family name, “… but I like innovative and creative people.” She added. “You remind me of your father. Always up and about taking up challenges … For that I’ll contribute 200,000 Uganda Shillings.”

Ah, I leapt with joy. I thanked her. That marked my journey to the plane. The rest of the 1.7 million needed came, but her seed towards my dream left something beyond what words could say. It’s no wonder thousands turned up for the vigils and her final send off two weeks ago when she passed on. I was seeing seeds of her generosity and kindness in all the lives she had sowed towards…

I met Blake, Uncle Martin’s son, alongside Christian, a son to Aunt Fortunate (a younger sister to Aunt Prax) during Jemma’s birthday last year. Jemma too is Uncle Martin’s daughter. These boys brought up a random conversation about my dad. They said he was ‘easy on the paper.’ He used to visit and add them pocket money which would extend their sustenance while at school. And don’t we all love those relatives who do this!

Uncle Martin (Third left)

That’s a story I didn’t know. My mother adds that he oft visited relatives bearing gifts, even when he was in the early stages of kidney failure. It’s no wonder that in random crowds, people who notice us his children tend to return the favor.

One time, as we sought to go to his ancestral home, a colleague he employed — who’s extremely rich now — offered us a car with a full tank, and extra cash for gas to cater for the entire journey all for free!

“That man did more for me than you’ll ever know.” He’d say. I’m not boring you with all this. I’m building up a case whose motive you’ll soon know.

In the first part of ‘Seeds and Synergies’, I talked about my friend Sam who passed on last year. I sought to stress the matter that the things we do for others are in return done to us, directly or indirectly; to us or to our children; to us or to our parents; They are seeds of our acts of kindness that later grow into trees that cause the same kindness to drop back unto us.

For example: because of Aunt Prax’s generosity towards me, if her children or grand children come in need of my help, or seeking something that’s within my power to avail, I can not hold back. The seed of her goodness places a demand for me to return that goodness in one way or another. I am not telling us to be good because we shall demand for that good back later. Even the Bible says we should do good expecting nothing in return. But since we are made from dust, by default, we are ground that swallows the seeds of whatever is sown into us germinating trees of the nature or the seed.

If we sow hate in others, that’s when we hear stories of sons killing their fathers for having been cruel to them or to their mothers as they grew. Jesus said that we ought to do unto others what we’d like to be done unto us. (Matt 7:12) That’s one of the core messages that this article means to teach. But more to that, I’d like to belabour the fact that we also reap WHERE we sow on top of reaping WHAT we sow.

I bring my defence by the mere theory of farming. When we plant matooke in Nansana (a suburb), we won’t go to harvest it from Muyenga which is in Kampala the city. We have to drive all the way back where we planted it.

I have one more story for my exhibit:

Sam and I resolved to meet twice or more within the week to pray and share. Sam suggested we meet at our local church grounds to pray since both our homes weren’t convenient. This was from late 2016. We convened for many days and many years, praying not only for our needs, but also for needs of the church whose grounds we stood on by default. It was under construction in phases, and so we used to pray for the materials, the expansion, the leadership, etc.

Sam and I praying on ground, Dec 2019

For years we kept the discipline, praying from different spots of the church as it was being built. We met in unfinished board rooms, then the extreme roof top, then the would-be-extended auditorium, then the overflow upstairs — everywhere! Our feet covered most ground of the building. Now it so happened that when the main auditorium was completed, the senior pastor of the church asked that I and Sam ushered us into the first service in it. We had been using another smaller auditorium somewhere else as the main was being burgeoned.

It was overwhelming — the invitation. The initial auditorium had been to the capacity of 800 people. It was now to the capacity of 3000 people! It was a huge honor! That was 22nd December 2019.

The following day, the senior pastor extended the invitation again. He said he had wanted us to emcee the annual Christmas Eve service. Sam asked me not to ‘dish’ the opportunity. I agreed, and once again we brought down the house with hearty laughter through our stand-up comedy in between the agenda items. As though that wasn’t enough, the senior pastor returned one more time, and asked us to emcee the Shift service. This was the overnight service into 2020!

We stood before more than 3000 people THRICE. The auditorium filled and on top of that, we had crowds watching the live stream from across the world via Facebook and YouTube. Our names were famous. I used to meet strangers in traffic and at shopping malls greeting me. Later on each would confess to having seen me on the online platforms hosting the services. I was elated.

Sam and I emceeing the three services chronologically (in anticlockwise order)

Sam was more discerning. He said, “Biggie, it’s no coincidence all of this. Do you know the number of years and days we’ve been on these church grounds praying? I think it’s God rewarding our faithfulness.”

I hadn’t seen it that way. The behind the scenes of the invitation to us had its roots far deeper than the senior pastor could see. God told me — as I meditated on what Sam had told me — that the building and grounds of the church were alive somehow. They heard us intercede for them on top of our personal requests. Since we spent some extra time within and on them respectively, we were sowing some spiritual seeds. In return the building saw no other better fit than us to usher its first commission! “And that building,” God added, “will forever remember your names — even Sam’s, although He is gone now.”

That’s the last example I had about reaping where we sow. Notice how the building secretly in its way forwarded our names for its “christening” or dedication. We sowed while at it, and we reaped at it! This applies to your job as well. Your career, your family, and dream. If you sow at your job, you’ll surely reap a salary or a promotion. If you’ll sow into your business, it’ll grow vast to make you proud.

You can’t focus, empower and ettle at another person’s dream or family while ignoring yours and expect exponential growth. I’m not saying don’t empower others. I’m requesting that as you do, you don’t forget yourself.

The moral is: just like you’ve seen my father’s seeds sown in different lives reaped I and my other siblings a harvest of kindness from others, the acts of kindness you do for others will return the favor, sooner or later, to you or to those that are related to you.

Aunt Prax had people flying into the country for her send off. From the messages that people spoke of her, you’d clearly see that she’d sown gracefully into them prior. And this sowing not only applies to humans. For Sam’s case and I, a building whose auditorium sits 3000 people acknowledged receipt of our seeds.

I pray that you don’t grow weary of doing good for others.

Keep impacting the vulnerable. Keep reaching out to the disadvantaged. Keep living a life of significance. And you’ll be surprised at how the universe will get back at you.

Psalms 126:6 He who goes forth bearing seed and weeping [at needing his precious supply of grain for sowing] shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.

2 Corinthians 9:6 Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.

Luke 6:38 Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Stings of Death

By this time last Wednesday, I was attending a vigil. I had found missed calls from my cousins the night previous. Mom updated me of the unforeseen death of my late dad’s cousin Aunt Praxedes. She was the second daughter in her family, born 22nd July 1947, a renown paediatrician.

Many called her Jaaja Doctor.

I began seeing her later in 2009, after my dad’s departure. It was hefty and cumbrous for my mother to raise six children all alone. Aunt Prax, alongside her sisters and brother (Benigna, Fortunate and Martin) used to do annual home visits and bring utilities for my family, contributing largely to my fees and my siblings’.

When the sudden gloomy news I heard, my reflex action was to pray for her resurrection. It’s become a habit, since God the son Himself taught us in His word that we have the ability to raise the dead (Matt 10:8) like He did Lazarus. So before I let the dead go, I give myself a chance to resurrection, before I can start weeping. It’s not to show off, it’s putting to test the word, and faith… to bring back those we love, but I digress, as that’s not the intent of today’s article.

We all have lost someone, depending on how old we are, but if not, it’s just a matter of time before someone we know kicks their bucket out of this realm. Just the mere thought of death around us stirs a whole range of emotions. Ladies and gentlemen, those are what I call the stings of death.

You might have lost a grandparent, a parent, a friend, a sibling, and I don’t want to say losing one is less or more painful or consequential than the other, for each of these could hold a very dear place in your heart. But I’ll share the stings of death from my life;

While at school in senior one, Uncle Martin (Aunt Prax’s young brother) showed up to pick me, claiming that my dad would want to talk to me. On arriving home, there were many cars and mourn-filled air. I was eleven, and I couldn’t read between the lines. It was until I reached the sitting room when my heart’s beat changed dramatically. There lay dad where the center table ought to lie, on a mattress with cotton in his nostrils! The horror of death visiting and coming so close I can never forget.

I cried a little. And as a child, I presented myself to the pitiful neighbors, friends and family at home. The real mourning was not at that point. It began when everyone else had left. Daddy was no longer there to take us for pork feasts (also known as lusaniya) on random evenings. Daddy was no longer there to visit along with mom. That meant I wouldn’t have as much pocket money and edibles (aka grub) for myself as before. I found myself crying. Crying a lot under the sheets in my dormitory bed. And that’s okay. If you’ve lost someone let that heaviness out by crying. This was one of the reasons God granted you tear glands after all.

I’ll say it again! Be it that you’re past 40, or that you’re a ‘hard guy’, IT IS OKAY TO CRY!

Here are some of the themes that characterized my life in those days following the loss of my father, and I hope in my sharing, an ardent reader out there is encouraged;

One was SELF PITY. Though it lasted the next few weeks, this receiving of verbal condolences made me the center of attention as well as the other children. I enjoyed the sorry faces and the hugs, but the void could not be filled. Solace came yes, but it ended up being a drug I wanted to use to sooth my loss.

Sometimes I found myself retelling my new friends at school how I lost my father just to gain their favor and sorry faces, so that my drug would be available again for free! When I returned to my dormitory in Lubambula House, I remember Derrick Kisita, a big brother and dorm mayor who had adopted me, waking me up as he encouraged the other boys to collect financial condolences on top of praying for me. Feeling sad, I didn’t! Getting about 10,000/- in condolences, I rejoiced! That was a lot of free money then!

The second was FEAR. Two years later, mid year if I recall, mom came to visit and she told me that Aunt Robinah, Uncle Martin’s wife had been murdered. My eyes bulged. My blood pressure went high. I replayed the whole scene from dad’s funeral. ‘O no!’ I thought, ‘Not again. Not aunty! Not family! Now who’ll be next?…Mom?

I lived in constant fear of death. I myself wasn’t afraid that I’d die, but my dreams were constant nightmares of a relative coming to pick me up at the school staffroom to go for a burial of … peradventure … my mother, or sister, or brother.

This eventually spun into ANXIETY. The fear of death grasped me in its hands such that every time an obituary was proclaimed — be it in chapel or school assembly — I would start panicking and shivering thinking on the list my other parent’s name could appear also. It was no happy tale my friend, and back then mental health activism hadn’t been as loud as it is today. I could have gone mental I kid you not.

Soon came the fourth strike, which was HATE. Having no more attention through self pity, but fear and anxiety, I began having a problem with people who always talked about their dads. I began feeling hate for students whose fathers were still alive. Most of them seemed to be far well off than I and my brother who was in the same school with me. I never expressed this hate, but deep down in the bowels of my heart, dark conversations loomed.

‘How come you get to keep your father, and I lose mine?’

‘What did you do that I didn’t, to deserve having both parents!’

My pastor calls such an orphan spirit, but I didn’t care. I being the center of attention was still a notion in disguise unbeknownst to me. Depending on your story, you might find yourself hating those who have brothers, yet you lost all yours. I can’t give the actual source of this hate, I am but narrating my experience to you.

The last I’d like to mention would be VICTIMIZATION. I found myself exploiting others using my dad’s permanent absenteeism as a perfect excuse. This I’d couple with self pity. I’d find myself giving the same reason for every thing that went wrong. If I was performing poorly academically, I’d say it’s because my father —Andrew Kaggwa Kyamanywa Tumusiime— had just passed on. I gave that as reason for almost every thing that wasn’t going right!

Even for Aunt Prax’s case, I was giving her passing as reason for incompletion of work to many of my clients. It is understandable until some point where it was becoming unnecessary.

“Yes. I’m afraid I haven’t finished the report. You see I lost my aunty last week. I’ve been up and down due to vigil engagements…” I would go on and on, making it seem like I was the chief organizer of her send-off.

I am not saying we shouldn’t face the plain truth. I personally communicated to those whose work’s deadline was close by. But, the error we make — we that are working class — we fail to provide a new deadline for the employer.

“I’ll send it through when I feel better.”

Well, when will that be? Twelve months later? Please do not be offended. Like I said, I’m sharing my experience. Victimization can go as far as one attending a wedding launch meeting months later only to give a speech about their loss, turning the attention off the bride and groom to themselves!

So how did I deal with each of this?

For the self pity, it came with sadness. I think any human being would not like the reason for their attraction to be sadness. You see that bores people as well if you have to bring bad vibes along. I changed my mindset. I chose to be joyful. I was adamant on guarding my joy.

Whenever self pity came up, I remembered that I was to bring joy and good vibes only. I stayed away from conversations where family sought to pity us. It takes a toll on one being sad forever! This could cause depression, and make one alive desire to die too. It’s very important then that for men or women who’ve lost their spouses find other sources of joy beside their dead halves. If they have friends, children, grandchildren or God, let them enjoy any of these to the very last ounce of it, as their focus will be on a brighter side as opposed to the dull valley. This will give sense to life and nullify sadness.

1 Thessalonians 5:16 Rejoice always…

For fear, I cast down imaginations…

2 Corinthians 10:5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

Casting down or OUT imaginations simply means commanding your mind to stop thinking about the next death, or the next accident. When those thoughts of losing a parent came my way, I literally spoke good. I’d PRAY in line with God’s word saying, ‘With long life mom will be satisfied.’ (Psalm 91:16) ‘She’ll see my children’s children!’ (Psalm 128:6), and gradually, those thoughts would recede. I’d also paint pictures in my brain of how my mother would look like at 100 with her first, second and third generation!

This is how we counteract evil thoughts. If you recall Job from the Bible, when his children died, he said, “What I feared the most has come upon me.” (3:25) This goes to say that we actively perform in the bad that we experience mainly by what and how we think. Have you heard people say ‘I had a feeling I was going to get an accident,’ and they actually got it! Well, it’s the power of meditation; imagining something for so long until it becomes a reality.

What if we imagine only good stuff, instructing our minds to be positive! That’s how we turn the tide of fear!

For anxiety, it was thanksgiving. I began giving thanks that I had one parent who was still alive. I gave thanks that my father had left some inheritance that we could run on. He had some rentals and a lot of land which along the way mom either sold to pay fees, or developed and built more rentals that garnered income for our living. I still thanked God that though my mother is a single parent, she didn’t abandon us like some of the children I witnessed having both their parents still existing and were yet dropouts.

To fear or to be anxious is also a choice. And here’s when I bring the Bible’s advice. Apostle Paul wrote in the epistle to Ephesus, that;

Philippians 4:6-7 Do not fret (fear) or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants (requests) known to God. And God’s peace [shall be yours, that tranquil state of a soul] which transcends (surpasses) all understanding shall garrison and mount guard over your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

You can see clearly, how prayer and thanksgiving help in this quest. The devil liked taunting me about my mom’s death, but when the threats continued, I prayed, and God said I’d raise her with His power if the enemy tampered. Do I mean to say she won’t die! Of course not! We all shall, but it’s clear in God’s word how long we are expected to live! 120 is the zenith and 70 -100 is the minimal. (Gen 6:3, Psalm 90:10, Isa 65:20) Moses himself stated the minimum would be 70, but he lived upto 120! That’s why I refuse any contrary report of losing a loves one before that time.

Just like we go from primary to secondary to university—a template for education, there is a way of life expectation, a template to how long we ought to live. If you hadn’t planned to live that long I beseech you to recalibrate your mind and start painting visions of how you’d look then! My dad died at 38 years of age, and many will say Jesus only lived to 33! Jesus had accomplished his mission on earth, which I doubt you will have done by your 33rd! You have a choice to determine how long you would want to live, and if your spirit settles it, then that resolve will sustain you even when the hardest disease or harshest conditions come your way (Prov 18:14)

For hate, I’d blame it on immaturity and a lack of understanding, for why would I hate another person just because their parent hasn’t died. I therefore blame it on the folly of a child, which I outgrew.

For victimization, I learnt to separate things. Separating work and home, joy and weeping, letting go of entitlement and obligations from others. Like that example that I gave, I had to emcee an event on Saturday after burying Aunt Prax on Friday. Many didn’t expect me to show up, but if I had not, getting a whole different emcee for an event we had planned for about three months would have been a hard paper.

When you return to your workplace, some people will forget to sympathize with you. Heck, some will not even remember that you are grieving subtly or that you just lost a loved one, and you’ll be tempted to tell them to give you a break, or to remind them about it. DON’T! Let them find out in their own way, but don’t ‘expect’ them to come throw you a pity party. The resilience in you will take shape and comfort you ‘mpola mpola’

The other antidote is to find those who’ve lost fellow loved ones too, and find out how they overcame the blues. This goes both ways. One who’s lost a loved one can as well seek to comfort those that have just recently lost theirs, using their story.

I have another story;

One time, Carol, a senior five student who had taken me on shed tears. I was crying to her on the evening of a sports day, stating claim that mom hadn’t visited me. She sobbed. It was a scary moment.

‘Why was she crying? It is only I that is allowed to cry here!’ I spoke internally.

She told me that she too had lost a parent — if I recall. If I’d tune the knob of my memory radio to the frequency from 2010, she must have said something like, “Biggie, it’s not the end of the world. You’re not the first person to lose a father. Be grateful you still have a mother. She didn’t make it today, but that doesn’t mean she intended. What if she fell ill! You wanting her here while she’s bed ridden would be so selfish of you.”

It was tough love. But somehow I came out of it. I was feeling entitled. That others should make it for me whatsoever! I forgot I wasn’t the only child who had lost a father in the family. Maybe she was attending to the rest of them.

I was adulting. I was growing up, starting to understand life.

C.S. Lewis wrote saying “A friend is made when you say ‘What! You too?'”

Carol sharing that she too had lost a parent comforted me somehow. I wasn’t the only one after all! I had to find ways of adjusting to this new reality without an earthly father. It came with other challenges, but they are all less compared to these five stings that came with his loss. It is akin to the point of finding those that have lost their loved ones and hearing them, or lifting up their spirits.

Using this, I encouraged my cousins last Sunday, to watch out for the self pity and guard their joy. To choose not to fear that their children would go soon or their spouses. To cast out those imaginations and pray such that that promised extraordinary peace would blanket them. To give thanks for their mom having seen 11 grandchildren from them. To give thanks for the fact that she had witnessed all of them get married.

To give thanks for their grandmother, Aunt Prax’s mom (my grand aunt) who’ll be turning 100 this Christmas. To give thanks that they still have one alive parent (Dr. Steven Kituuka). To give thanks that thousands honored her send off, flying in from allover. To give thanks that she’d a premonition that she was going, and so had what seemed like the most important conversations with most of them. And to give thanks that they too will see their grand children, according to God’s word which He keeps ever so diligently.

Once again, I won’t brag that I know how it feels to lose a mother or a spouse or a child . . . but I know what it feels like to lose a parent, a father, a best friend, an uncle, and an aunt. I pray that this information will be seed that will find good ground to be buried and sprout into a forest of refreshing trees whose leaves are balms to the stings for whoever has lost a loved one and a close friend.

And to you Aunt Praxedes, thank you for your hearty generosity towards us.

Greet dad for me, Aunt Robinah, and your sisters and brother that went there ahead of you.

We will be alright…

Dr Praxedes Kituuka (RIP)

Isaiah 3:10 Say to the righteous that it shall be well with them…

Psalms 21:4 He asked life of You, and You gave it to him–long life forever and evermore.

Psalms 128:2b You [shall be] happy, and [it shall be] well with you.

Romans 12:15 Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep.

Paying God Commission

I have been earning money smoothly, daily, and pre-waking up, I was inclined to the attitude and zone of gratitude. As I got ready to do my usual jump from the upper bunker bed, God’s word came to me. In His voice He said,

“You see, paying tithe is like paying me my commission. On earth, men give a percentage of the profit they made to people who brought them business. Whenever commission is given, the particular beneficiary is both appreciated and obliged to bring in more customers or recommend the ‘commissioner’ to wider market.”

One of the essential lights tithe ought to be viewed in is that we tithe to acknowledge receipt of the blessing, like how Abraham did Melchizedek. I’m not against that. I am only sharing the other light God showed me—in whose light, we see light.

So, as I went to wash my face, a thought sprouted in my intellect. Many commissioners bring in more work according to the degree of payment they receive. The more the commission, the more recommendations and marketing of the goods of those that recompense them.

If thus indeed God’s minimum commission is 10% off your profit (the tithe), how much more work will He bring in if you the reader increases it to 15%! To what measure will He recommend your products and market your services, if you increase it to 20%

I can only wonder! 😲

The End of Prophecy

The end of prophecy is such that it must be fulfilled or experienced. It is sad that many receive prophecies that they live not to experience or see coming to pass. That’s a very bad thing, but luckily God has put a countermeasure to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

In Malachi 3, God says when you tithe, He will rebuke the devourer for your sakes and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground, neither shall your vine drop its fruit before the time in the field. Your vine dropping its fruit before its time is more like a miscarriage and it has many forms one of which is you not seeing the end of a specific prophecy over your life.

May your vine not cast its fruit before the time of the field. May it not fall until harvest. That indeed if seedtime and harvest shall continue on earth, then may the prophecies continue to be sown in your life, and may you see the fulfilment of each (harvest)

In John 1:15, John writes that John the Baptist bore witness of Jesus, and cried, saying, “This was he of whom I spake, He that cometh after me is preferred before me: for he was before me.”

This simply shows that John prophesied of the coming of the Messiah, and He saw Him literally. He touched Him, felt Him, baptised Him & experienced Him. O may you as well touch, feel, and experience every good prophecy concerning you!

Yes, prophecies can be bad, like that one time Hezekiah the King was told he was to die anytime by Isaiah. Hezekiah nullified it by prayer. Nullify any that you might not like. God’s thoughts and plans toward you are of peace and not of evil! That’s why you should not accept any threatening prophecy.

In case prophecies or predictions come your way, like dying of sickness or dying early, counter them by the sure word of prophecy written by God. Declare that He preserves you from all evil (Psalm 121), declare that with long life He has satisfied you (Psa 91:16), declare that He’ll keep you from the plague and noisome pestilence (Psa 91:6,10).

Remember every good word God prophesied over you. Know that its end is to be fulfilled by your experience of it. If He said He ordained you a prophet to the nations before you were formed in your mother’s womb, then there must be nations you know of that He’s called you to. If He said He set you over nations and kingdoms to uproot (pull down) and destroy … Or to build and plant, then you must have an idea of what you are meant to destroy or plant in certain nations or kingdoms. If you have no idea of what you’re meant to uproot or destroy, then you’re far from living this prophecy.

If God said kings would come to your rising and nations to your light, then you have to have some sort of kingly personalities approaching you already. If you can’t mention any person who seems to have so much at his disposal bend to come before you, then you must put a demand on that prophecy; you have to LIVE it!

If God said He’d open up the windows of heaven to pour out a blessing so vast you wouldn’t have room enough to contain it, and you have never been overwhelmed by the amount of clothes, money, blessing, or favor that you’ve been receiving, then I wonder if you really are living it!

If God said you’d heal the sick, or perform signs and wonders, but you can’t recall any healing or wonder that was sparked by you, then you have to perform a further audit, and carry a consciousness that these things are meant to be LIVED by you. I will never forget when I prayed with a friend whose baby was in breach! Within a few hours, I received news of a miracle. A procedure was to be taken by her to forcefully turn the baby in her womb, but … the child turned all by himself in her womb as I had declared and as she had believed!

If God said you should lend to nations, and you have never lent or given money to as close as your siblings, then you have to revisit your capacity and re-echo what God promised you’d do.

All in all, understand that for every prophecy, there has to be tell-tell signs of it’s fulfilment. If a lady is carrying child, there’s a sign of a burgeoning ‘stomach’. If a man desires to marry a woman, for the Jews there used to be a betrothal, and today, he gives her an engagement ring as a promise that he was coming to take her home!

‘If God did not spare His only son Jesus Christ but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not freely give us all things’ is a scriptural sign from Romans 8 to show that God would give us the desires of our hearts as David proclaimed in Psalm 21, verse 2!

I pray for you, that you will live to the end of all good prophecy in your life—which is the experience and basking of yourself in the fulfilment of each spoken word describing what you ought to be, and do!

Just like Mary experienced receiving a child yet she was a virgin as foretold by Gabriel, may you experience the good prophecy over you. Just like Anna and Simeon never died until they saw the savior Jesus at the temple, may you never smell your death bed until you can ably say you’ve tasted and enjoyed to the full, every good promise and lovely gift God assured to you.

Acts 2:17-18 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:


2 Timothy 1:5 when I call to remembrance the genuine faith that is in you, which dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice, and I am persuaded is in you also.

In this portion, we see Paul point out a remarkable pattern of inheritance. Paul points out that the faith in the recipient he’s writing to was the same for the past two generations!

The emphasis I’d like us to focus on is Lois—the pioneer of this faith!

Adam was a pioneer to human life. Abraham was the pioneer of all believers. In the Bible, there were so many pioneers of so many things, and today God is calling you to be that pioneer. To be that Adam, to be that Abraham. To be Lois. To be the point of reference in your generation… Just like Billy Graham, just like Kathryn Kuhlman, just like Kenneth E Hagin.

They’ll look at people and say, “you have a boldness which dwelt first in Biggie…”

They’ll say to them “…you have revelation that first dwelt in your grandmother Ruth.”

“…you feed nations like your grandfather Doug.”

“…you’re so committed like your mother Eva, and wise like your great grand mother Lily.”

It goes beyond your bloodline or lineage. I’ve been told I write like Apostle Paul. Others have said the descriptions of some of my visions look like Prophets Ezekiel & Daniel’s.

God positions you as a starter of things … of mantles, of anointings, of what no eye has seen nor ear heard, nor mind imagined. He ignites you to start fires that will burn for generations! Notice the faith wasn’t just passed on to only Eunice. It went over to het grandchild. And who knows, perhaps it reached her great grandchild.

… Longevity!

God is starting covenants in you such that your posterity in 1000 years will still be benefitting from them in case the Lord Jesus tarries. Imagine you’re Abraham now as we speak, there’s a David coming in about 1400 years. There are things David enjoyed, pioneered by Abraham. Don’t think short term!

Lastly, I also realized that the gifts working on or in you, are not yours alone. What if my prophetic gift isn’t just mine but for my children’s enablement to establish God’s covenant power on the earth! Let me put it this way; if I’m African, my skin color is dark. By default, my children too will be dark. In the same way, I’m believing, that the things I’m receiving in my lifetime, will become part of my DNA, and then my children’s, and then their children!

So don’t take it lightly!

Your love for prayer, your joy, your interpretation of dreams, your discernment, your faith — all of it! I believe these virtues can be translated from the spiritual well into the physical until they become hereditary!

So on top of God making you a pioneer of things never seen before, He wants you to notice that those same things you pioneered can adopt the nature of being reincarnated into the next generation.

Of course some will say ‘Ah, but that pastor’s kid didn’t turn out like their father…’

Well, Eunice turned out like her mother, and Timothy too turned out to be like his mother!

‘Alas, he didn’t turn out to be rich like his father,’

Well, Isaac was more prosperous than Abraham his father, and Jacob as well, having fled with only a stick, gained all the wealth of his forefathers again!’

Choose to believe this pioneer blessing! Choose to believe that this good blessing will never go quiet in your next generations. That as His favor has been upon you, it shall be also on them. That as His face has shone on you, it’ll shine on them too. That as you’ve grown in the prophetic, it will be akin to them too!

Happy Pioneering!

Psalms 78:4-7 We will not hide them from their children, but we will tell to the generation to come the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, and His might, and the wonderful works that He has performed. For He established a testimony (an express precept) in Jacob and appointed a law in Israel, commanding our fathers that they should make [the great facts of God’s dealings with Israel] known to their children, That the generation to come might know them, that the children still to be born might arise and recount them to their children, That they might set their hope in God and not forget the works of God, but might keep His commandments


Job was blamed for breaking the hedge around him. He broke the boundary of protection that had been placed by God to insulate him.

‘For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me, And what I dreaded has happened to me.’ Job 3:25

This statement that he mentions proves that even if it seems like God permitted the devil to tamper with the hedge, Job made it easier for the enemy by having the expectation of ‘something bad’.

If you’ve read Job’s story, he always sacrificed sin offerings for his children. He thought they committed evil deeds wherever they were, so when they died, I’m sure part of his thoughts blamed it on his children’s deeds. What he ‘dreaded’ was that they’d die for that, thus, that’s why he says ‘what I dreaded happened to me…’

Though I have begun with a sad note, I have grown to realize that there are very many boundaries all around us … and even if boundaries seem to be a bad thing, they are advantages to boundaries too. Take a brick fence for example, with electric wires atop. Here in Africa, it is highly recommended for security.

Many chults (child-adults) that I have interacted with propose the notion of moving out of their parents’ homes without calculating the costs of rent and starting life on their own yet they stay in the city where they can ably commute to work and back. The reason they want to move is because of boundaries. They want to come out of the house anytime they want. They want to get back anytime they want.

I’m always laughed at when I mention I have curfew at home (where I stay with my relatives). Those are things they hate. Little do they know that such are for accountability and protection. It’s also to instill in them a culture of boundaries, where one learns to say, ‘I can do that … I can not do that. My limits are here … I can’t cross that line.’

If people like Eve had mastered this art & culture, then the forbidden fruit would not have been eaten. We’d all have been born in the garden of Eden — who knows! The fruit of good and evil was a boundary she broke.

There are two types of boundaries. Those that are inflicted and those that are invented. The inflicted are those which are already existent. The invented ones are those that can be created especially by us.

In high school, we had the inflicted. These included school rules and school fence boundaries that had many students escape over them but were punished when caught. The invented are those that are incumbent on someone’s behaviour, integrity or choice. These could be; no sex before marriage, or no wearing clothes that are erotic or indecent.

Sadly, many people disrespect boundaries. The state declares that one mustn’t drink and drive. Some adults choose to do the opposite, and before they know it, they have had their lives taken from them. If some survive, they’d become handicapped. As you see, once a boundary is broken, especially if its purpose was to protect, there’s a big loss in some way.

Eve had to be kicked out of the garden. Lucifer had to leave paradise. The Israelites who worshipped other gods lost their lives. Samson lost his strength; the secret of its dwelling was a boundary, but he breached it and the enemy brought him down.

Ananias and Sapphira had the boundary of integrity. They didn’t know that it was guarded by the Holy Spirit. When they lied, they died. The disciples had breached the boundary of prayer. Jesus had said to them to pray lest they fell into temptation. It’s no wonder Simon denied him three times.

I strongly believe that every aspect of life ought to have some boundaries. In marriage, I’m sure there are. Even in our relationships, there are some ways we can’t treat our parents. There’s a THICK line to show what we can’t do with our friends and do with someone else’s spouse. Take for example; I do not call a married man or woman beyond 9pm, unless it’s him who calls me first.

What if he or she is … you know — busy with the other party!

Other boundaries could be; time keeping, restricting oneself from changing their gender (as many think they can in today’s society — which to me feels like counting God a fool to have made you male or female), etiquette (waiting to be told where to sit at a venue in order not to be embarrassed…) And so much more.

Of course not every boundary is for our good. Some are limitations instead of being boundaries. Let’s not mix the two.

The basic boundaries are those that God set up for us, (inflicted), but from Him, we can make our own (invented) due to His standard of holiness and righteousness. These include; using not perverse language, honoring our fathers and mothers, not worrying about anything but making our requests known unto Him, being joyful always, and observing His word — meditating on it day and night.

We find that if we know God’s boundaries for us, we’ll prosper and be at peace. We’ll be preserved and protected from evil. If we don’t, the enemy, like he did for Job, gets the upper hand.


If we don’t observe the law of tithe for example, the devil devours our fruit, making us have miscarriages and losses in all areas, from physical health to finances.

I have come to realize however, that once a boundary is observed long enough, and its purpose is respected, the boundary allows you liberties. It guarantees you freedom having the assurance that you’ve become a great & disciplined person and that you don’t need it to monitor your progress any longer.

How do I mean?

During the lockdowns due to Covid, the curfew was 7pm. Army officers were allocated power to implement this law, and those that were out later than 7 faced some consequences. After months and months of being indoors, when the country was opened up again, it was hard to find cars still moving on the streets by 8pm.

The boundary of the officers created earlier, molded all of us into a time frame that we felt uncomfortable being out at a particular hour. Now the liberty I’m talking about is; there are no more officers to ensure we are off the streets by 7, but citizens find themselves back in. They are free to do whatever they want, but within them, the intuition to be home by 7 speaks!

Another boundary enforcer I’d give is how parents (here in the African setting) used not to ‘spare the rod’. O they’d whoop us. They’d whoop us when we played till late in the dark and when we didn’t greet them in the morning.

Growing up, I thought that showed they hated me, but now I realize they were instilling boundaries. Boundaries of good behavior. One time my dad bought a coil. I placed a polythene bag on it and it burnt causing a stench in the whole house. It was electric, and I’d have as well gone on to play with a fork next to its socket. His whooping, made me understand that playing with a fork in the socket is dangerous. And now I don’t need to be beaten to relearn that.

In other cases we observe boundaries without enforcers. Perhaps for your case your parents weren’t around while you played with the metal inside a live socket. When that zap shook through your hand and cast you feet away, you learnt that it’s a no go area. God, after warning us in vain, many times, usually let’s life teach us the same way, so that we inflict that boundary on ourselves…

But why? Why boundaries?

As I have mentioned before; to live peacefully and to be preserved. Get fish out of the water boundary, and its life is jeopardized. Tell a monkey to swim and it’ll drown. Take man above the ozone layer, and he’ll need a big fat white suit and an oxygen tank to breathe.

Secondly, boundaries instill self control. They are practice fields for self control; To control self from pursuing danger & trouble. One time I was at ‘insufficient funds’ and I wanted to borrow money. I heard God say, ‘but I said you’d lend to nations and not borrow…’

That was a boundary!

I can not borrow. It was a huge amount of cash I sought to get, and I had no plans of replacing it. After being a little more patient, God made a way miraculously. If I had borrowed that cash however, I’d have broken his hedge. Perhaps I’d be borrowing again to pay the borrowed cash. That’d be a lot of trouble! I’m glad I listened.

I pray that God shows you the boundaries He’s placed in your life for your good, and that He’ll keep you (or others) from breaking them, just like He helped me as well.

Psalms 16:6-7 The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance. I will praise the LORD, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me. (NIV)

Notice that the counsel and instruction that the writer receives are from God: To protect him, and to lead him to places of pleasantry.

Does your heart faint for the Lord?

Psalms 42:1-2a As the deer longs (pants) for streams of water, so I long for you, O God. I thirst for God, the living God…

Psalms 84:2 I long, yes, I faint with longing to enter the courts of the Lord. With my whole being, body and soul, I will shout joyfully to the living God.

One day, the word of God came to me saying, ‘I long, I thirst, I pant, I FAINT for the courts of God…’

God reminded me of an incident that happened on January 25th this year, in Yaounde, Cameroon. The African Cup of Nations was happening and the gates to the stadium weren’t being opened. There were multitudes and multitudes being squeezed onto the chain-link fence.

The folk couldn’t wait to get in. Some were even fainting minutes before the game. Once the gates were opened, some people were stampeded to death on spot! 8 died and 38 were injured. Very very sad! I remember watching them run into the stadium, racing in…

And God asked me, “Do you run in to me like that? Do you faint like these people did for a match? Would you wait at the gates that desperately… for me?”

You know, in this grace age, we think because we are under that covenant, we have to lose the discipline of longing. So many of us show up late for rendezvouses with God. And we brush it off saying ‘He’s merciful.’

If the Psalmist had such attitude towards God, then how much more we! If he was a king and had more resources at his disposal than you do, and yet he still yearned for God that wildly … how much more you?

I use that image or clip to get me out of bed early in the morning to pray. I picture myself running into a match, having waited for the gates.

You don’t have to convince your body to get out of sleep mode. This invites it to run, for the revelation from the Spirit indeed rebukes it.

This week, I had slept quite late, and yet I have a date with God at 4am. I wanted to cancel it. Then I remembered the question, “Do you FAINT…for my presence (courts)?” I set my alarm and I was up, to enjoy Him.

Your schedule with God should not be routine. It has to become a place of pleasure.

There are things that you might long for. Apply that same energy to God. Some people for example wouldn’t mind being rained on while playing or watching a match of their high school league, but would quickly seek a shed, or cancel plans if they were in an open space prayer service.

Others long for an occasion — go shopping for what they’d wear, iron their clothes months before the d-day, but when it comes to church time, ironing commences the time church service begins, and thirty minutes later is when they get to the temple.

Let’s understand that fainting for God — the maker of the world now and the worlds to come, should be the highest quintessence to LONG for, and how we long for the lesser things should teach us how to long, faint, pant and thirst for the highest thing!

May God use your lesser things to teach you to faint for Him.


Proverbs 28:1 The wicked flee when no one pursues, But the righteous are bold as a lion.

When Elijah commanded it not to rain for three and a half years, he wasn’t timid, he was bold! He was confident. He was full of courage! He was confident that his word would not return void.

When Jesus was telling the sea and the waves to be still, He was bold! He didn’t think for a moment that they would defy His command! Same went when He was casting out demons!

When Abraham in his old age went to fight five kings with his household, he was bold. He didn’t think he was too old for war. His boldness disannulled his limitations. He had victory!

When Esther was going in to report the accuser of her people, she was bold. She didn’t cower at what Haman would do to her. She didn’t hide under the sheets of queenship thinking she’d survive as her people got massacred!

Jacob was bold when he was asking for Rachel. He even worked extra (overtime) just to have her. Ruth as well, though a Moabite she was, was bold when pursuing Boaz as she implemented her mother’s instruction. In the end she got married again!

Rahab (a prostitute) was bold when she cast in her bargain to be saved from the peril that was coming to the Jericho dwellers! She had helped the spies anyway — ‘and now, you too must save me and my house.’ she said. You see righteousness is independent of nationality or tribe or occupation. It’s dependent on faith.

Rahab was a prostitute! If righteousness was dependent on occupation, then I doubt if her promiscuity would have handed her a ticket. She wasn’t a Hebrew either, but somehow she perceived that the Hebrew God would have her, since she had hosted His people. In the long run, she became a Hebrew too. All because of her faith.

David was bold! Do you remember how as a teen he fought bears and lions in the fields? I know times have changed, and we might not have bears around to test our boldness too! But, there are giants all around us. Giants of sickness, poverty and men who might not desire us to prosper.

There’s good news!

God’s word says ‘the righteous are BOLD as a lion’. It doesn’t say ‘the righteous WILL be’. It doesn’t say ‘the righteous WERE…’ No! It says ‘are’! ‘ARE’ and ‘IS’ are a continuous state of being. It’s like saying ‘the sun is hot.’ This means the sun was hot, is hot and will be hot. It’s a fact that won’t change. It is present, and it is continuous. The righteous as well, from the days of our father Abraham, were bold, are bold, and will still be bold.

The character of boldness will never be separate from the righteous person! It’ll always be there. Yes, even unto you who feels like you don’t amount to anything, it’s in there! You only need to realize it, seek it out and wear it!

Like water is wet, you are bold. You have not been given the spirit of timidity and fear! You are strong, brave, and courageous! You stand against Goliath when he has tortured everyone else, and you behead him! You put ten thousand enemies to flight! You raise the dead with boldness. Like Jesus, you call the dead Lazaruses to come forth, and they do!

The other meaning of ‘bold’ is ‘to be daring’. You are daring! You pursue God’s command. You walk out of the boat and onto the water like Peter. (That by the way is a LOOOOOT of boldness. Especially, for you chaps who have studied all about gravity and upthrust and weight and matter and sharks). You dare God to do, and He does exceedingly abundantly above all you dare Him to!

Being an element He gave to us, it will be with you always. Just like good health comes with the package of salvation, boldness comes with righteousness.

You are bold as you apply for that new job. You are bold as you quit the one you know you’ve outgrown. You are bold as you ask that girl to marry you. You are also bold enough to turn down the proposal if you feel the Kairos of your marriage hasn’t come yet.

You are bold enough to build that marriage into a better one. You are bold enough to raise those children in the way they must go! You are bold enough to cast out that cancer! It isn’t bold enough to stay! It shall respond to the curse you send to it just like the fig tree!

You are bold enough to make that move! You are bold enough to do mighty exploits! You are bold enough to manifest what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no mind has ever imagined. You are bold enough to start that business! You are bold enough to fly on wings as eagles!

‘You are bold enough to keep bolding!’ 😂

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear (or timidity), but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Exceedingly Abundantly …

Last Sunday on my way to church, the Holy Spirit asked me to carry a copy of my book: Bibleboy, by faith, for sale. I was directed to sit next to a stranger who I’d never met before. I kept handling the book in my hands, and she noticed my photo at the back under the section ‘about the author’.

She immediately picked interest and asked to observe the book. “Is this you? Did you write this? Is this for sale? How much?”

“Yes, Yes, Yes… 50,000 Uganda Shillings.” I replied.

She immediately opened her wallet which bore many ATM cards and pulled out a bright yellow note and handed it to me as she continued to comprehend the book, and its nature. With disappointment, after I had autographed it in her family’s name, she looked at me and groaned,

“… and you only carried one copy!”

I’d see the Holy Spirit slap His forehead at this remark. He said,

“You carried few oil jars…”

He was basing on the story of the widow from 2 Kings 4, whose late husband had left a big debt. Elisha asked her what she had in her house. Oil, she said. He asked her to borrow jars from her neighbors & friends, and pour the oil she had in each of those jars until each of them got full. The miracle was such that the oil didn’t stop flowing out the flask of oil she had. It’s like an invisible tap opened through it.

The oil however stopped flowing as soon as all the jars she had borrowed got full. She sold the oil and made money to clear off her debt, but she’d have made more if she had more jars! Maybe she had borrowed only 100. What if she sold each jar, emptied it and returned it to the queue while her sons did the refill while at home! Perhaps the oil would still be flowing until today! (Selah)

The Spirit was using this theory, to say, like the widow sold all the oil available, if I had AVAILED more copies, all of them could have been sold. Now I had more back home, but the lady with many ATM cards went a completely different direction after church.

I didn’t see her again.

This scripture, then came to me, and resounded all day;

Ephesians 3:20-21 Now unto him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, to Him [be] glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.

The power referred to here is the Holy Spirit. ‘According to the power’, then means, God is able to do exceeding things in correspondence to the Holy Spirit working in us. If one limits (or quenches) the Spirit, then he or she will limit God from doing ‘exceedingly abundantly’ in any situation in their lives. This will be the same result for those who think this power can not do some things, yet it can do anything, as long as one believes. That’s why in the same congregation, some people will be receiving mega rewards from God, and others will wonder what they didn’t do!

On the other hand, I promised myself to carry more copies than needed the next time…

There are so many lessons similar to mine in the Bible. And I pray that by the time you’re done with this, that you’ll have adopted the trick of allowing God room to carry out His ‘exceedingly abundantly.’

The lame man who sat at the gate Beautiful in Acts 3 was expecting something from Peter and John. He expected alms. For he expected hand-me-downs on a daily from whoever came to the temple. Peter sensed it and said, “Silver and gold I have not, but as such as I have I give to you. In the name of Jesus rise and walk”

The lame man, as opposed to receiving alms, received something that would enable him manufacture ‘his own alms’. That was exceedingly abundantly above what he must have thought! It’s pretty much like acquiring that expensive gadget for free, yet even if a 50% discount was given, you would not afford it!

Lily not only received a scholarship for her undergraduate, but God extended it to cover her Masters’ too. She not only went through it all, but excelled with distinctions! Perhaps Lily had thought it’d all end with the undergraduate, but see God!

Ruth had lost everything. She clung & stuck with Naomi, returning with her. The young widow went out to pick the fallen gleans in Boaz’s fields. She not only got married again. She was aligned into Jesus’ great grand lineage—this gentile Moabite. That was exceedingly abundantly above what she asked or thought or hoped for…

God did not only show Abraham the land He’d give to him and his descendants. God spoke of the next 500 years of His descendants’ affairs (how they’d be enslaved). He spoke of the next 4000 years of His seed (Jesus). I’ve heard God speak concerning the fifth generation, but if God speaks to you about your 42nd generation, that’s a whole other exceedingly abundantly above what you’d ask or expect or think …

God did not only want to warn Pharaoh of the future. He wanted to give him the solution of the problem that came with the future. Joseph not only interpreted the dream’s problem. He was made the solution to it. Thus His elevation followed. That’s exceedingly abundantly above what Joseph would’ve asked … Maybe he just wanted to get out of prison — but go where?

God had already planned for him not only to be free, but to RULE & REIGN!

God not only gave Moses long life. He renewed his youth. His sight was still strong. His skin was not abated. That was exceeding what a normal 120 year-old experienced. Joshua fought battles and won at 80 years of age!

God not only wants to sustain you. On top of that, He wants to sustain the nations around you, by you, just like He did through Isaac who unblocked many wells during a famine. God not only wants to make you rich. He wants you so rich that your wealth threatens the economy of your entire nation (just like Isaac in Philistia). That’s exceedingly abundantly above what you’d ask or expect or think …

God will not only supply your need. He will, supply your need, exceedingly abundantly above what you can ask or think according to His riches in glory in Christ.

God will not only renew your youth as the eagle’s, He will renew it exceedingly abundantly above what you can think! You’ll be called your daughter’s sister. Strangers shall think you’re your son’s brother. Aging will lose its effect on you.

It’d be useless if the nations saw the treasure in you, and yet their kings don’t. God then promises exceedingly, saying, the kings of those nations too, will join the queue to come witness the brightness of your rising.

God will not only give you one city that you didn’t build. He promised to give you cities (plural). He will not only give you a house filled with good things that you didn’t sweat or raise a coin to build. He promised houses! So as you ask for one thing, allow for God’s exceedingly abundantly…

When you ask for one child, know He can give you twins. If you ask for twins, know He can give you triplets. If you ask for triplets, know that He can grant thee quadruplets. When you ask for a promotion, know that He can give you the same very company to be your property!

When you ask Him to help you make a way to publish your book, He can give you publishing houses that can immediately do your bidding. Maybe you want to record music, and accessing studios seems very expensive. God says, He can get you there, and even make you head multiple record studios & labels that turn your wishes into commands!

That’s exceedingly abundantly above what you’d ask or expect or think …

I’d previously written about how I was to sit my exams without completing my tuition. When I prayed, God enabled me to do all the exams with only 65% dues paid, and I never received any disturbance by the financial patrol whose power was to exit whoever hadn’t paid up to 100%. Frankly, that was exceedingly abundantly above what I asked or thought He’d do.

I still tell of the wonder where I missed an exam because I’d miscopied the timetable. When I prepared to resit it, God asked me to go check my results. I found an A! An A for what I didn’t sit for! It was thee highest mark I saw on the list of that course unit! This was exceedingly abundantly above what I had asked for, and God is saying this is available for you too.

Next time you pray, after asking for that overwhelming thing, God wants you to know, that at the point where it feels overwhelming, that’s His starting point. He can do far above what you DARE Him to do. He can do faaaaaar more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He is able to do immeasurably more than what you’re afraid to ask of Him!

Approach Him boldly with this understanding. On top of Him not withholding any good thing from you, He’ll give you more, more than you ask for!

Ephesians 3:20 Now to Him Who, by (in consequence of) the [action of His] power that is at work within us, is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly, far over and above all that we [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams]– (AMP)